1. We directly record and file your request, so that the automatic crossing system shows us the properties that suit your needs and then we make our own suggestions too.
  2. If there is no property immediately available, we will send you a newsletter (letter/mail, sms) as soon as we register someone that meets your needs.
  3. Through our office’s Share platform, by registering your request, we can immediately find properties owned by our professional partners, so that we can track the most ideal ones for you.
  4. Specialized partners constantly record and find new arrivals of properties in the areas of your interest.
  5. We organize the suggestions of the properties that suit you, always respecting your free time and we inform you via e-mail or sms.
  6. We present you each property with reliability and in detail and we highlight the advantages and inform you about the disadvantages, in order not to waste your precious time with pointless suggestions.
  7. We send your request in writing to the respective owner and try to negotiate by attaching the best possible outcome.
  8. We inform and advise you that you can proceed to the conclusion of a contract, get informed about the respective tax and other laws and we jointly coordinate our efforts to achieve the desired outcome.
  9. We undertake the issuance of energy certificates, arbitrary settlements, issuance of store operating licenses, autopsies, investigation of a real estate file in town planning, legalizations, certificates of electricians and everything else required in order to conclude the final agreement.
  10. We help you estimate the cost of repair-renovation of the property you are interested in buying-renting.
  11. You can get financial pre-approval easily, fast and free of charge, if you wish to proceed with the issuance of a mortgage loan, in cooperation with the largest Greek banking institutions.
  12. Our office consultant will offer you personalized support throughout our cooperation from submission of your request until completion of the transaction.

Finally, we are available promptly and responsibly, with pre-arranged appointments, since our operating hours are the following: every day 09:00-20:00, Wednesday: 09:00-18:00 and Saturday: 09:00-13:00*.

* Exceptionally and upon prior consultation, suggestions are made beyond the aforementioned operating hours.

If you are selling or leasing a property and wish to cooperate with the professional real estate agents of Maniatis & Associates, please fill-in the property enquiry form that follows. We will contact you and serve you as soon as possible.

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