1. We visit your property and ensure the full recording of its characteristics, the best possible professional photo shooting , as well as a 360 degrees virtual tour, in order to promote its advantages and achieve its maximum visibility.
  2. We define its proper commercial value by taking into account the factors, in order to speed up the sales time, always respecting your desires.
  3. After the order of assignment of your property to our office, newsletters are directly sent and our existing clientele looking for a similar property is informed.
  4. We post an advertising form with your property in the window of the ground floor of our central office, accompanied by an attractive description.
  5. We register and promote your property σon over 12 different real estate websites (real estate portals), the largest and most reliable ones, which dispose of extremely high number of visitors (from 500.000 to 700.000 visits per day) without incurring any costs.
  6. Our office has a complete and professional website for publishing real estate advertisements and through the appropriate advertisement in the Search Engines, it gathers a lot of visitors who look for a property to purchase or to rent. Your property will be published and posted on one or more pages on our corporate website.
  7. We directly inform over 300 cooperating real estate agencies both locally and nationwide, if necessary, through the e-agent technology.
  8. We distribute leaflets with the promoted properties in central points and proceed in a campaign in the respective are of the property assigned.
  9. We post banners, where possible.
  10. We process all the statutory documents required for the purchase or lease of a property in cooperation with competent, responsible and fast professionals, such as lawyers, engineers and notary publics.
  11. We directly inform the owner on the course-promotion of the property at regular intervals.
  12. Your property is shown to customers of our office, whose details have been fully recorded in advance, thus ensuring the visit of the party concerned to your property.
  13. We provide legal protection to safeguard your rights against malicious tenants.

Finally, we are available promptly and responsibly, with pre-arranged appointments, since our operating hours are the following: every day 09:00-20:00, Wednesday: 09:00-18:00 and Saturday: 09:00-13:00*.

* Exceptionally and upon prior consultation, suggestions are made beyond the aforementioned operating hours.

If you are selling or leasing a property and wish to cooperate with the professional real estate agents of Maniatis & Associates, please fill-in the property assignment form that follows. We will contact you and serve you as soon as possible.

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