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Unique Services

Unique Services

Direct Service

Our constant and well-established presence in the field of real estates, has provided us with a wide portfolio and a significant list of determined and trustworthy customers who are really interested in them. What we are required to do is to find the “perfect match” between the two.

The real estate agency “Maniatis & Associates” possesses a modern, upgraded computer system that undoubtedly meets the demands of our customers in an immediate way that brings you in contact with the desired property.

In addition, the direct access to the information stored in our constantly renewed property portfolio, the continuous and diverse advertisement of all the properties that you entrust us, together with the rapid response of our associates to the large demand, increases the chances of selling and leasing them. Therefore, we take great pride in our hard work that guarantees the best prices in the market, in spite of the economic recession.

Legal assistance

We cooperate with very skillful lawyers and notaries who obtain the required knowledge to deal with any kind of legal and tax particularity given the changes that take place in the domain of property transferring and might be ignored by our customers, who run the risk of facing possible dangers hidden behind tax regulations and other laws. Do you wonder whether you are obliged to pay taxes for your first or second property or not? Do you know if you have to pay VAT on the purchase of the new apartment? Does your “occupying” (πόθεν έσχες) cover the purchase you wish to make? Our customers enjoy these services having significant benefits, something that is of course of utmost importance when it comes to the purchase of a real estate.

Technical support

As we all know, selling or renting a property are now accompanied by numerous certificates requested by each owner. We are again by your side in order for you to avoid all the hassle and the waste of valuable time and money. Our fully-competent and experienced engineers of all specializations remain in continuous cooperation with the real estate agency “Maniatis & Associates” so as to provide you with this service. More specifically, we take responsibility to issue energy certificates and certificates n. 4178/2013, to legalize illegal property, to issue stores’ licenses, to make inspections, to investigate the property’s file at the Urban Planning Authority and deal with the regularizations, electrical certificates and whatever is needed in order to reach the final agreement.


After a thorough research you have decided to proceed to the purchase of a real estate, but you are still concerned about its finances. Do you wonder if you can take out a bank loan? Do you feel lost not knowing who to address and you lack time to visit all the banks and get informed? We also offer you the solution to this! Our agency cooperates with expert financial advisors and plays the role of the mediator between you and the biggest Greek banks for the issuance of mortgage loans by always taking your personal advantage into consideration and, of course, without any cost on your part.


Have you just bought a property that needs renovation and you do not know where to start from? Do you want to have a clear picture of the general cost of the renovation or the repair? Don’t you know who to contact? Don’t you have enough time to search for crews and oversee them while working? Do you want your new house painted and cleaned, but you cannot find a credible painter to get the job done for you quickly, reliably and, most importantly, cost effectively? Feel free to call us and we will suggest you specialized craftsmen with whom we cooperate and who will get you out of trouble really fast and economically.


Our agency has been providing you with insurance products for the last 25 consecutive years. Our cooperation with the largest and most trustworthy insurance companies gives us the opportunity to offer our customers the most competitive insurance packages that cover the needs of either your property or your car, but most importantly your own selves.

Students’ homes

Congratulations! Your child entered the University of Piraeus or you decided to enroll him/her in one of the educational institutions located in Piraeus or its surrounding areas and you need to take care of his/her new house. The real estate agency “Maniatis & Associates” with a 20-year-presence standing by the side of the students has found a home to hundreds of young men and women who had to study away from their hometown. We always remain in close contact with the parents, sympathizing with their fears and concerns and trying to find together the best possible housing solutions for every unique student. Given the hardships that all families who come from the countryside and the islands have to face, such as the lack of time, we try to assist you directly by introducing electricians, plumbers and all kinds of technicians in order to get your student’s home ready as soon as possible to host the future scientist.

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