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For Owners

For Owners

11 + 1 REASONS TO CHOOSE 'Maniatis & Associates REAL ESTATE'

1) Once you assign the sale/rental of your property in our office, we directly send you newsletters and information on our already existing clientele, seeking for similar property.

2) We visit your property and take photos to achieve its best advertisement.

3) We post brochures to showcase your property on the ground floor central window of our office.

4) We register and showcase your property in 12 different real estate websites (Real Estate Portals) including the largest, the most reliable and the most popular ones (from 500000-700000 visits a day) without any cost on your side.

5) Our Office has a complete and professional website to publish real estate ads, through proper advertising on search engines, which daily draws the intention of many visitors who are looking for properties to buy or rent. Your property will be published and posted to one or more "display showcases" in our Corporate website.

6) We inform immediately, at least 150 our agents both locally and nationally, if necessary, (members of the association of Greek real estate agents, members of the Athens Bar and members of the European broker association).

7) We distribute leaflets with the promoted properties in central locations and proceed to campaign in the corresponding region of delegated property.

8) We post banners, wherever it is possible.

9) We carry out all the supporting-documents required for trading or leasing a property in cooperation with competent, responsible and fast professionals such as lawyers, engineers, notaries.

10 ) We inform the owner about the course – promotion of the property on a regular basis. Moreover, we offer you the chance every time we present your property to a possible client, to receive information, if you wish, to verify the fact that we actually take care of the sale / rental of your property, see its course and have a look at any comments made by the candidates. Otherwise we can inform you via an e-mail newsletter with all the needed information or alternatively via an informative SMS.

11) Your property is shown to customers of our agency, the personal details of whom have been completely recorded in advance, ensuring in this way their actual visit to your property.

Finally, we serve immediately and responsibly, at predetermined appointment, the prospective buyer - tenant given that our opening hours are daily from 9:00 to 20:00 and Saturdays 9-14: 00.

If you have a property for sale or for rent and wish to collaborate with Maniatis & Associates' professional real estate brokers, please fill in the Property Assignment form below. We will contact directly you and help you.



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