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Looking for a property to rent or buy?

Looking for a property to rent or buy?

Direct recording of your needs

Through recording and registering your needs (criteria of demand), the automatic crossing system will assist us and propose us the properties that perfectly suit your needs and then will recommend any available properties already shown in our portfolio.

If there is a stock property, once one corresponding to your needs is registered, we will send you an informational newsletter (letter) / or sms (message) to make some suggestions.

Large property portfolio

Our office has a large "Database" property in the areas of interest. Given the cooperation of our office with selected professionals of Real Estate, we can provide you with a broader property basis to identify accurately what suits you.

Whenever a new property is registered in the Database property of our office and it meets your requirements, we will inform you first by e-mail and / or SMS, if desired.

Moreover, our experts will daily record all available properties of the regions where we operate.

Presentations of properties

We organize appropriate appointments at your earliest convenience.

We inform you by e-mail and / or SMS for all planned real estate information that may interest you.

We present you with reliable and detailed presentation of each property. We emphasize the strong and the weak points of the characteristics of the properties.

Manage your offers on properties that interest you. We negotiate your offer with the owner.

Cross-checking with properties of cooperating professionals

With the collaboration platform (Share platform) available to our office by entering your demands, we can immediately locate properties provided by our Professional colleagues in order to find the most ideal for you.

Legal support

We support you legally with the assistance of our competent and experienced associates (lawyers, notaries), engaged and proficient in the respective legal or tax peculiarities as appearing in the constantly changing situation on property transfers.

We inform and advise you on how to proceed in signing a contract, on their respective tax laws so as to coordinate our joint efforts to achieve the desired result.

Technical support

We carry out the issuing of the many documents and certificates required for the purchase or lease of a property.

We undertake the issuing of energy certificates, certificates l.4178 / 2013, fits arbitrariness, publications stores licenses, inspections, property investigation files in urban planning, regularizations, electrical certificates and anything else needed in order to succeed the final agreement.


With the help and support of our office you can very quickly have a picture of your financial ability to buy the property you want.

The cooperation of our office with expert financial advisors undertakes mediation for the issuance of mortgage loans always with your best interest at no cost on your part, in collaboration with the biggest Greek banking institutions.

Enter your personal details and characteristics of the property you are looking to buy or rent a in this form and our specialized partners will communicate with you as soon as possible.

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