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Our real-estate agency was established 20 years ago in the heart of Piraeus at Lampraki Avenue on a ground-floor store, by Argyris Maniatis and his wife Maria Pitsaki-Maniati. Our office initially functioned as an insurance agency and successfully extended its activities to the domain of real estates.

After 20 years, and having become distinguished in our domain and despite the economic crisis, we still remain by the side of our customers by offering high-quality services and professionalism that can satisfy even the most demanding investor.

After 20 years, we dare to make utterly new suggestions, propose smart investments and direct ways of promoting your real estate.

After 20 years, we stand by your side to offer advise, to recommend, to inform, to point out, to promote, to evaluate, to process and work together for the best possible results.

…because we believe that the real estate agent is not just somebody who simply recommends a specific property, but somebody who provides complete and high-level brokerage services.

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