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Direct Service

Our constant and qualified presence in the real estate market has provided us with a wide portfolio of properties and a serious list of determined and credible investors that we are called to "combine" with the best conditions for all.

"Maniatis & Associates" real estate agency disposes of an extremely modern and upgraded computer system, which in combination with the advanced real estate program producer crm enables it to respond to the demands of its customers directly and with the greatest possible approach to the desired property.

In addition, the direct access to all the information of our constantly renewed real estate portfolio, the constant and varied promotion of all the properties that you trust us and the fast response of our partners to a very large number of requests daily, increases the chances of selling or renting them and we are proud of the fact that we struggle and achieve the best market prices, even in such periods of crisis.


Maniatis & Associates

Our office operates with pre-arranged appointments daily 9:00-20:00, Wednesday: 9:00-18:00 and Saturday: 9:00-13:00*

*in exceptional cases and after prior consultation, suggestions are made outside the mentioned office opening hours.

For everything you need in the field of real estate market we will be happy to serve you