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Value Your Home

Value Your Home

The need for proper evaluation of your property

During the recent years with the unprecedented development and dissemination of housing and business loans, the need for proper evaluation of property came into the surface, as an indispensable element of any act or any grant of loan.

The evaluation concerns the current market value of a property, which is determined by the forced liquidation value, the highest commercial value and the assessed value of a property.

The property evaluation is a very complex and highly responsible work. Every property owner, every purchaser or lessee either of residence or of any other business property or land, every property investor must proceed to the assessment of the property he manages or intends to purchase in order to be led to the best information and entrenchment before taking any decision (purchase, sale, leasing, etc.).

The evaluation process starts with the control of the urban characteristics (construction, coverage rate, height, land use, urban planning deviations etc.), as well as the inspection of the property by a civil engineer. Then, what must be taken into account are the comparative sizes of similar property in the region of interest, information about the transactions carried out and the prices at which they were carried out in order to be taken into consideration for your property.

The contribution - participation of professional real estate agent is of utmost significance when it comes to the estimation of the property.

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