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Residential for Sale in the areas Keratsini (Keratsini-Drapetsona)

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130,000 €

Code: 1309879

Keratsini (Amphiali) 

Floor Apartment

For Sale, Keratsini - Amfiali, whole floor apartment, built in 2005 5th floor 65 sq.m. and screens, airy, frontage, bright, solar parking basement and storage, PRICE: 130.000 € Maniatis & Associates - tel: 2104227143 -

 2  1  65 Sq.m  

95,000 €

Code: 1314434

Keratsini (Eugeneia) 


For Sale, Keratsini - Eugenia, apartment, built in 1975 renovated 2014 1st 105sq.m 3 bedrooms, one master 2 bathrooms and WC, living room, kitchen, balconies corner bright, 3 air conditioners PRICE: 95.000 € Maniatis & Associates - tel: 2104227143 -

 3  2  105 Sq.m  

65,000 €

Code: 1367669

Keratsini (Eugeneia) 


For Sale, Keratsini, apartment 93 sq.m., ground floor bright, in a duplex, built in 1960, partially renovated, with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 living room, separate kitchen, central heating with oil and Boiler, has a small yard, storage room, frontage in public transport, schools and the market. Price: 65.000€ Mani...

 2  1  93 Sq.m  

107,000 €

Code: 1374753

Keratsini (Agios Georgios) 


For Sale, Keratsini, Agios Giorgis, apartment 89 sq.m., 1st floor bright, frontage, built in 1974, partially renovated 2008, with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 living room, separate kitchen, autonomous heating with oil, 3 air conditioners with air conditioning windows and screens, awnings, elevators, next to public tra...

 2  1  89 Sq.m  

42,000 €

Code: 1436065

Keratsini (Tampouria) 


For Sale, Keratsini - Tambouria, Residences, Apartment 35 sq.m., ground floor airy, in a semi-detached house with its own independent entrance, fully renovated, built in 1964 and completely renovated in 2022, with a living room with kitchen, separate bedroom and bathroom with natural ventilation, with aluminum fram...

 1  35 Sq.m  

93,000 €

Code: 1434817

Keratsini (Tampouria) 

Floor Apartment

For Sale, Keratsini - Tambouria, Residences, Apartment 92 sq.m., 1st floor, in a corner two-story building, built in 1970, renovated in 1992, with 2 bedrooms, comfortable living room separated from the kitchen by a partition, bright bathroom with natural ventilation, autonomous heating with oil, solar, wooden frame...

 1  92 Sq.m  

175,000 €

Code: 1434070

Keratsini (Eugeneia) 


For Sale , Keratsini - Evgenia , maisonette, built in 2008 2nd & 3rd floor 140sq.m 3 comfortable bedrooms, bathroom and WC living room with fireplace, kitchen, balconies with awnings, security door, alarm system, CCTV, solar water heater, heating autonomy with oil, aluminum frames with double glazing, bright, brigh...

 3  1  140 Sq.m  

115,000 €

Code: 1223743

Keratsini (Amphiali) 

Floor Apartment

For Sale, Keratsini - Amfiali, whole floor apartment, 1975, in very good condition, 84sq.m, 2 bedrooms, one master, kitchen renovated in 2020, security door, aluminum energy frames, autonomous LPG heating, solar, a / c, opposite the square, in a very good location, transport, market, schools, PRICE: 115.000 € Mani...

 1  1  84 Sq.m  

400,000 €

Code: 1229855

Keratsini (Eugeneia) 

Other properties

For Sale -- Residential Other properties  -- Piraias: Keratsini - Eugenia 610 Sq.m., Ground floor Floor, 3 Parking, Building Year: 2005 Bright, On Corner, Price: 400.000€ Maniatis & Associates, 2104227143,

 610 Sq.m  

65,000 €

Code: 1244002

Keratsini (Eugeneia) 

Detached house

For Sale -- Residential Detached house  -- Piraias: Keratsini - 125 Sq.m., Ground floor Floor, Building Year: 1963 Roadside, Bright, On Corner, Near to: Αγορά,Συγκοινωνία.,Σχολεία, Price: 65.000€ Maniatis & Associates, 2104227143, 6974075550

 125 Sq.m  

62,000 €

Code: 1345537

Keratsini (Agios Georgios) 

Detached house

For Sale, Keratsini - Agios Giorgis, detached house, built in 1955, ground floor 80 sq.m. on a plot of 140 sq.m. with 2 bedrooms, bathroom, living room, kitchen, bright yard, frontage, bright, PRICE: 62.000 € Maniatis & Associates, 2104227143,

 2  1  80 Sq.m  

170,000 €

Code: 1371185

Keratsini (Charavgi) 

Floor Apartment

For Sale, Keratsini - Haravgi, corner apartment built in 2022 under construction 1st floor 78sq.m 2 bedrooms, bathroom, living room, kitchen, terraces, individual heating with heat pump, energy windows with hot-shut-off, security front door, hot front door CCTV, frontage, bright, corner, solar, newly built parking ...

 2  1  78 Sq.m  


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